SMTP service available on Port 587

A number of ISPs block the traditional SMTP Port, which is Port 25. SMTP is used for sending outbound email. ISPs that implement this port blocking do so in the hope that it limits, to some extent, the spam sent through their network. Unfortunately, the side effect of this blocking is that it makes it difficult for the ISP's customers to use external mail servers, such as the ones WGSNET provides for your use as part of your web hosting services.

For quite some time now, WGSNET has offered SMTPS service on Port 465 as a workaround for our Site Owners whose ISP blocks Port 25. The Port 465 option has worked out quite well for many of our Site Owners.

However, a number of large ISPs, such as SBC and AOL, have recently begun telling their customers to use Port 587 for situations such as this, referencing RFC 2476 ( in support of this recommendation.

To accommodate WGSNET Site Owners whose ISPs make this suggestion, WGSNET has now made SMTP service available on Port 587.

For most clients, no changes in their current SMTP settings will be needed. If your email is working correctly at this time, there is no need for you to make any changes in your current settings.

However, if at some point your ISP suggests to you, that you should set your email program to use Port 587 for the SMTP server to send outbound email, you will now be able to use that setting with the WGSNET mail servers.

Please submit a support ticket,  If you have problems understanding this FAQ or this option does not work for you


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